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Dining Room Furniture Manufacturer

A dining room is a place in a home, apartment, school, hotel, or villa primarily reserved for eating meals (breakfast, lunch, brunch, and dinner). So the dining room gets the whole family together at one time. Many things happen at this place, from dinner parties to family meals, from school homework to art projects, from hobbies to chit-chat with your dear ones. So this area should be one of a kind so that anyone can pull up a seat and sit comfortably with joy. To make your dining room the most comfortable and charming place, “SUREN SPACE” represents its wide range of dining room furniture, an essential part of modern homes, hotels, villas, or other dining areas. Dining room furniture includes a dining table with chairs arranged along the sides and ends of the table and other pieces of furniture such as sideboards, cabinets, serving carts, etc. 

                                                   The dining room furniture offered by “Suen Space” will embellish your dining area and give it a style statement-making appeal. Whether you are a homeowner or the owner of a hotel, restaurant, or villa, we have a wide range of complete furniture sets for the dining area that include dining tables, dining chairs, sets of dining tables and chairs, dining cabinets, sideboards, serving carts, storage trolleys, etc. You’ll find all kinds of dining room furniture under the “SUREN SPACE” roof, from various materials and designs to sizes and shapes.

It is impossible to describe all the products related to dining room furniture. Nevertheless, we are showing you some of our most loved categories:


These stunning dining chairs and tables have the perfect blend of comfort and unique style. The flaps of the tables are suitable for anyone to enjoy delicious food. The chairs and the dining sets are made of the best quality materials (wood, metal, etc.). All chairs have a fabulous-looking finish, which gives them a stunning appearance and protects them from dust and rust. These chairs add space and comfort while having food and offer comfortable and stylish seating. We are proud to manufacture such desirable and functional pieces of beautiful dining tables like industrial cast & wrought iron tables, dining tables, retro tables, rustic dining tables, shabby dining tables, etc. With durability and longevity, we have made our dining tables in several sizes that can make your meal feel like a feast of the king with our exclusive dining sets that come in a wide variety of different sizes, shapes, and seating options like :

Two-seater dining set for restaurant/ pub 

Three-seater dining sets

Four-seater dining sets.

Five-seater dining sets

Six-seater dining sets

Eight-seater dining sets

Extendable dining sets

Round-shaped dining sets

Rectangular-shaped dining sets 

Dining Cabinets and Sideboards

To organize cutleries, crockeries, and all dining essentials in an organized manner and easy to access, “SUREN SPACE” offers a wide range of handcrafted “DINING CABINETS & SIDEBOARDS” with drawers to organize clutter from the dining room. These versatile products come in various modern, traditional, contemporary, rustic, and reclaimed cabinets. These handcrafted pieces are made up of different materials like WOOD, METAL, METAL & WOOD (Industrial theme-based). The beautiful architecture and ample storage of these products will create an absolute environment in the dining area. 

It is impossible to describe all the categories of our dining cabinets and sideboards. Nevertheless, we are showing some types below:






Serving Carts and Storage Trolleys

A serving cart is a wheeled vehicle cart that can be pushed by a person and may have two or four wheels. It’s a small food cart/trolley that can be used in a dining area to serve or display food items. It is widely used in restaurants/hotels, bars, or pub areas. Make you want to throw a party in your home; this serving cart will help you offer various chilled beverages, snacks, food items, and meals to your guests and makes you an ideal host for all the parties. The stunning appearance of these carts will easily complement your interiors. 

                              A storage trolley will solve both the purpose of keeping the dining area neat & clean, and providing ample storage options will make all the dining room essentials handy, clean, and dirt free. On our online store, you will find a myriad of categories in different sizes and shapes and various finishes like wooden, metal, and wooden with metal at our online store. 

Here, we recommend to you some of our most loved categories of serving carts & storage trolleys:






Why should SURENSPACE be the first choice for buying dining room furniture?

As we are always eager to create all kinds of dining furniture that will rightly suit each & every corner of the dining area of the home, hotels, restaurants, and villas, etc. We have manufactured the product to give you a lavish feel with super comfort while having a meal. Our great artisans designed our products amazingly in different shapes, styles, categories, and sizes. So you can pick the best one according to your choice as we pay attention to all the aspects of the product from purpose to style, from quality to budget-friendly. Our craftsman follows a labor-intensive process to create something unique for our customers and always strives to stay committed to building a unique & modern style while giving an Indian vibe to the product.


“SUREN SPACE” also provides customization facilities as our skilled craftsmen make new designs per the client’s requirement. So you can tell us about your choice and send a design to us, we will surely hand over the same product of your desire. Apart from this, our payment methods are also very easy and secure; you don’t have to worry about the payment securities as we have introduced more than one payment method. You can pick one of them for the transaction that will be so easy and secure. We are honest and straightforward with your intentions to make things easy, so one more smart perk offered by “SUREN SPACE” is that it provides OEM ( ORIGINAL EQUIPMENT MANUFACTURER) facilities also to its customers. So as an OEM, we can help you to complete your collections and designs partially or entirely, and we will provide you all the advantages from the manufacturing of a product to its final packaging, with handling shipping and custom. So let your dining area be organized, attractive, and utilized smartly with “SUREN SPACE”. So without making any delay, send us an order and thank us later for your desired product.

Suren Space: Leading Dining Room Furniture Manufacturers in India

Suren Space is globally known as one of the leading dining room furniture manufacturers in India. We have a strong emphasis on quality, innovative designs, and customer service that puts us apart. We deliver a wide range of dining chairs that integrate style, luxury, and toughness. Whether you’re looking for wholesale dining room furniture or unique design ideas, Suren Space is your one-stop stop. Trust us to deliver you with the best dining chairs, made with detail-oriented quality. Select Suren Space for all your dining room furniture requirements and experience the leading edge in the industry.

Our Comprehensive Range of Dining Room Furniture

Suren Space has a wide range of dining room furniture that is both functional and stylish. Here are some of our best choices:

1. Coastal Theme Outdoor Six Seater Restaurant Set

Enjoy a calm, beach-like feel with our Coastal Theme Outdoor Six Seater Restaurant Set. This set is an excellent option for people who value the coast. It has a big table and six comfortable chairs, ideal for dining outside. The design looks like the seaside, bringing a soothing vibe to your place.

2. Industrial Four-Seater and Two-Seater Bistro Set

Our Industrial Four-Seater and Two-Seater Bistro Set is equally stylish and practical. These sets work well in small and big dining areas. The robust metal frames and wooden tops give an industrial look, making them a trendy option for any dining area. Whether for a modern bistro or a comfortable home corner, these sets are a wonderful blend of strength and style.

3. Live Edge Acacia Wood Industrial Table Bench Set

See the brilliance of nature with our Live Edge Acacia Wood Industrial Table Bench Set. Each piece offers outstanding wood designs and natural edges of acacia wood, with strong industrial legs. This set is excellent for those who value the natural look. It’s a captivating centerpiece that will last for years.

4. Solid Wood Semi Outdoor Canteen Food Court Table

Our Solid Wood Semi Outdoor Canteen Food Court Table is engineered to manage busy dining areas while looking good. It features a modern design, plus high-quality solid wood construction that makes it a perfect option for semi-outdoor spaces like food courts and canteens.

5. Industrial Colorful Table Bench Dining Set

Bring color to your dining space with our Industrial Colorful Table Bench Dining Set. This set has luminous finishes that add energy and creativity to any area. The strong industrial design is coupled with bold colors, making it stand out in both commercial and home settings. It’s ideal for those who desire eye-catching furniture that’s also practical and strong.

6. Industrial Table Bench Dining Set

Our Industrial Table Bench Dining Set is versatile and stylish. With its strong build and simple design, it fits well in many dining spaces. The set has a big table and matching benches, made from high-quality materials for long use. Whether for a modern home or an industrial-style restaurant, this set offers the perfect mix of style and function.

At Suren Space, we think dining room furniture should do more than just give you a place to eat – it should make your dining time better. Look through our wide range to find the perfect pieces to improve your dining area

Innovative Design Ideas for Your Dining Room

At Suren Space, we love assisting you make a captivating dining room. We have lots of ideas to make your dining room extraordinary. You can integrate and match our chairs to get an exceptional look. For example, you can pair our leather chairs with our rattan chairs. This provides a delightful and stylish combination of textures. You can select from various materials like wood, leather, and rattan. Our chairs are available in many colors and styles. You can choose luminous colors for a delightful look or mild colors for a calm environment.

Our chairs accommodate many themes. If you enjoy a modern look, our shiny leather chairs are impeccable. For a rustic feel, our natural wood chairs are outstanding. Classic style lovers will appreciate our hand-crafted Indian design balloon chairs. We even have custom designs so you can get chairs that are just excellent for your house. You can suggest to us a design you desire, and we will manufacture it for you. This way, your dining room will be as impressive as you are.

Our Manufacturing Excellence in Dining Room Furniture

At Suren Space, we manufacture our furniture with the utmost consideration. Our workers are remarkably professional and believe in their work. Each chair is designed by people who are very experienced at what they do. We employ the best materials to make sure our chairs are sturdy and can last a long time. This means our wood is solid, our leather is soft, and our cane is resilient. We inspect each chair diligently to make sure it is excellent before it departs our workshop. We make sure there are no failings and that every chair is just right.

We employ new technology and tools to help make our chairs better. This includes special machines that cut the wood precisely and tools that help us put the chairs together perfectly. But we also rely on the skill of our workers to add the final touches. This means you get high-quality furniture that looks great and is very durable. You can trust our chairs to be sturdy and to look good for many years.

Global Export Services: Dining Room Furniture Exporter

We have customers in many countries who like our furniture. We make sure our chairs are packaged securely and shipped quickly. We employ heavy-duty boxes and wrapping to shield the chairs when shipping. We work relentlessly to guarantee that your order reaches you in flawless shape and on time. We handle all the details of shipping so you don’t have to fear any of it. This has paperwork, customs, and delivery.

No matter where you are, you can enjoy our beautiful and robust dining chairs. We have sent our chairs to homes, restaurants, and hotels all over the globe. People everywhere count on Suren Space for their dining room furniture requirements. Our objective is to guarantee you are satisfied with your chairs and that they reach you safely and quickly.