Handmade Furniture Company

A wise man once said, “the desire to create is one of the deepest yearnings of the soul’. Today’s world is all about machines and convenience, mass production and easy availability. Yet, most of us still yearn for the personal touch, the care and attention given by a skilled craftsperson. Be it clothes or jewellery, dolls or furniture, ‘made by hand’ is one of the most popular trends across the world today.

In the world of furniture too, thanks to furniture experts like Suren Space, handmade furniture is one of the most sought-after types of furniture, both in India and abroad. Suren Space is a furniture designer, manufacturer, wholesale and retail supplier and exporter of a wide range of furniture. Hospitality furniture for hotels, resorts, B&Bs, bars, etc., commercial furniture for offices, malls, etc., export furniture for retail chains, stores, etc., retail furniture for department stores, supermarkets, etc., or furniture for personal use – Suren Space has all this and more to offer!

Furniture that comes with the Suren Space stamp of quality is always in great demand, and as a handmade furniture company, their collection is no exception. Beautifully designed, exquisitely crafted handmade furniture from the house of Suren Space includes sofas, bar chairs, bookcases, tables, etc.

Why handmade furniture?

Handmade furniture is, by definition, made in a small factory or workshop. Unlike mass-produced furniture, where the main skill is in operating the machines, the creation of handmade furniture depends on the expertise of the artisans. Handmade furniture offers you far greater flexibility in terms of design, creativity, costs and sustainability.

There are many reasons for the growing popularity of handmade furniture.

  • Quality – Handmade furniture is usually of very high quality, because a lot of time, care and attention goes into its production. Apart from the skill of the carpenter, the use of better quality materials also helps to create a superior quality product. At Suren Space, the guarantee of high quality materials combines with the skill of the craftsmen to give you unmatched quality handmade furniture,
  • Uniqueness – With every piece of handmade furniture being individually crafted, there is a lot of scope for creating furniture that’s just right for you. The furniture we choose is an expression of our personality, and there is no better way to express ourselves than with handmade furniture.
  • Durability – With handmade furniture – especially from Suren Space, a leading handmade furniture company – you can be assured of the durability of your product, since the craftsmen are committed to creating the best quality furniture, without resorting to the use of shortcuts either in materials or manufacturing processes.
  • Quality vs quantity – Probably one of the greatest advantages of handmade furniture is that since there is no compulsion to produce a greater number of pieces, the carpenters are able to focus better on each and every product. Suren Space’s artisans focus not only on the building process, but also on the materials used. That is why this handmade furniture company’s products are not only exquisitely designed and crafted; they are also sustainable and eco-friendly.
  • Local talent – In recent years, due to various reasons, local artisans began losing out to the big furniture brands and chain stores. Mass produced furniture, because of its easy availability, began to dominate the furniture market. It was a matter of time, however, before the skill of the furniture craftsmen, often passed down through generations, once again brought handmade furniture to the forefront. Local talent and craftsmanship won over ‘standardised’ furniture.

The beginning…

The beginning of handmade furniture coincides with the beginning of civilization. The early man was nomadic, and built temporary furniture using stones, tree stumps and rocks wherever he went. Around 10,000 years ago, with the advent of the Neolithic Revolution, life became more ‘settled’, and more complex furniture began to be created, including cupboards, dressers, beds, shelves, stone seats, etc.

Handmade furniture then made an appearance in the ancient Egyptian and Mesopotamian civilizations. Thanks to Egypt’s arid climate, wood from trees like ash, beech, cedar, oak and pine was extensively used to create intricately carved furniture for the wealthy Egyptians. In Mesopotamia, ornate thrones were specially designed for the royalty.

Borrowing ideas from the Egyptians, the ancient Greeks carried forward the art of handmade furniture, focussing more on comfort than decoration. Wealthy Romans crafted ornate, comfortable, upholstered furniture, using wood similar to the Egyptians.

Medieval furniture was reflective of the era – stark and minimalistic. The only embellishments were ornate wood carvings on the borders of chairs and canopy beds. Handmade furniture during this period was usually made using oak, lime and walnut wood.

The Renaissance period saw a revival of craftsmanship, with carvings on furniture representing old world mythological or religious themes. The aim of these furniture items was to highlight the skill of the craftsmen.

Till the beginning of the 19th century, the art of handmade furniture flourished, with different styles like Jacobean, Colonial, Rococo, etc. While the 18th century was celebrated as the ‘golden age’ of handcrafted furniture, the 19th century saw the arrival of mass-produced furniture. While this increased the availability of furniture significantly, it also signalled a decline in quality and workmanship.

The present…and the future

The world of handmade furniture today is a throwback to the golden era of handcrafted furniture that existed before the days of industrialisation and mass production. With invaluable contribution from handmade furniture company Suren Space and other furniture manufacturers, handmade furniture has become synonymous with superior quality, skilled craftsmanship and exquisite designs. Suren Space also specialises in bespoke handmade furniture, which is uniquely crafted to satisfy your tastes and personality.

  • Hospitality furniture – In today’s increasingly fast-paced lifestyle, travelling for leisure and to ‘recharge our batteries’ is rapidly gaining popularity. As a result, hotels, resorts, vacation rentals, B&Bs, guest houses and other hospitality establishments are vying with each other to attract more and more visitors. Suren Space’s handmade furniture has style and individuality that is unmatched by any mass-produced furniture.
    • Hand Carved Solid Wood Mahogany Shade Side Table
    • Lux Fabric Hand Crafted Indian Design Balloon Chair
    • Indian Handmade Design Multi-coloured Cabinet
    • All Pure Leather Hand Crafted Three-Seater Sofa
    • Hand Crafted Traditional Fabric Pouf Stool
    • Old Window Wood Hand Crafted Console Table
  • Commercial furniture – Offices, malls, schools and colleges, even bars and restaurants – all need furniture that is built to last. While dining establishments look for durable furniture that matches their decor, malls and shopping centres require comfortable and sturdy furniture for tired shoppers to relax. Educational institutions and workplaces, where people spend a lot of time, need durable furniture built on ergonomic lines. Suren Space crafts sturdy, classy, comfortable and practical handmade furniture, catering to all types of commercial establishments.
    • Hand Crafted Solid Wood Carved Arm Chair
    • Distress Finish Carved Design Handmade Sideboard
    • Bent Metal Colonial Inspired Handmade Bar Chair
    • Hand Crafted Carved Design Glass Top Folding Dining Table
    • Hand Crafted Solid Indian Restaurant Wooden Bench
  • Furniture for personal use – How we choose to furnish and decorate our homes is an expression of our personality. What better way to express ourselves than with furniture that has been painstakingly and lovingly crafted to match our tastes and style? One of the greatest advantages of handmade furniture – especially Suren Space’s handmade furniture – is that each piece can be customized as per your wishes, to fit perfectly with your
    • Old Wood Reclaimed Design Handmade Bookcase
    • Handmade Elephant Carved Upholstered Stool
    • Handmade Design Indian Wood Living Room TV Cabinet
    • Handcrafted Indian Antique Reproduction Center Table

In a world that is fast becoming more and more impersonal and disconnected, in a world where even ‘heartfelt greetings’ are automated messages, handmade furniture provides the much needed personal connect. The handmade furniture company that goes the extra mile to ensure that your handmade furniture is perfect for you? Suren Space.