Suren Space: Leading Ethnic Indian Furniture Manufacturer

Experience the splendor of ethnic Indian furniture at Suren Space – your ultimate destination for traditional designs online. Our collection celebrates the vibrant heritage of Indian culture, each piece a narrative of age-old traditions.

Suren Space is a testimony to the artistry of Indian furniture-making. Our skilled artisans maintain time-elite techniques, crafting pieces that are not just furniture, but stories etched in wood.

As the leading manufacturers, suppliers, and wholesalers in the world of traditional Indian furniture, we at Suren Space are committed to decorating your spaces with the style and magnetism of ethnic design. Explore our comprehensive online selection and find an excellent piece that echoes your style and comfort requirements. With Suren Space, experience the marriage of tradition and modernity.

Why Choose Suren Space for Ethnic Furniture India?

Suren Space is recognized as a standard of ethnic Indian furniture, where dedication to workmanship, authenticity, and customer satisfaction rule superior. This commitment makes us the top choice for lovers of traditional Indian furnishings.

Pioneers in Ethnic Indian Furniture Manufacturing

At Suren Space, we cherish our role as artisans. Our creations are not only produced; they are born out of a careful process that combines the complex practices of ethnic Indian furniture with dependable durability. This balanced combination of age-old workmanship with modern innovation guarantees every piece is both genuine and enduring.

Globally Trusted Supplier

In the global ethnic furniture market, Suren Space is the epitome of trust and excellence. Our reach goes far beyond local borders, reaching a worldwide audience with open arms. We are the artists of an extensive network, carefully designed to guarantee that our ethnic furniture discovers its way into the homes and hearts of a sophisticated international clientele.

Wholesalers’ Preferred Partner for Authentic Quality

For wholesalers, Suren Space represents a bastion of trust and authenticity. We promise that our partners get only the best quality products. Our furniture isn’t just a product; it’s a symbol of Indian workmanship’s beauty and strength. We support our wholesalers with excellent service, timely deliveries, and pieces that reflect India’s rich furniture-making practice.

Tailoring Ethnic Indian Furniture to Your Taste

Customization is the heart of Suren Space’s ethos. We believe furniture should be a reflection of personal taste and style. Our team collaborates with clients to customize ethnic Indian furniture to their preferences, ensuring each piece is as distinctive as its destined space.

Selecting Suren Space is choosing a partner who adores the craftsmanship of ethnic Indian furniture as passionately as you. 

Our Collection: A Combination of Style and Tradition

Suren Space is where tradition is incorporated into style, providing not just furniture, but inheritances. Each piece in our collection is a dedication to the rich artistry of India, delivering a seamless combination of the past’s brilliance with today’s style.

Traditional Indian Furniture Online: A Curated Showcase

Our online collection is a handpicked choice of traditional Indian furniture, each piece a reflection of India’s rich cultural fiction. From Rajasthan’s complicated jail crafts to the robust style of South Indian wood, our catalog is an ode to India’s artistic diversity. We design with an eye for detail, guaranteeing every piece reflects the comfort and style of Indian design for the modern place.

Furniture That Narrates a Story: The Saga of History and Craft

Indian furniture’s history is a story of magnificent courts, vibrant markets, and expert hands. Suren Space is committed to maintaining this heritage through our expertise. Our products are reflections of bygone ages, each piece a chapter from the annals of Indian woodworking and design. The artisans who design our furniture are stewards of a legacy, guaranteeing the history of Indian furniture is articulately expressed through our offerings.

The Artistry Behind Our Ethnic Furniture

Master Craftsmen at Work: Upholding Traditional Styles

At Suren Space, our expert artists are not just employees; they are the foundations that bring ahead the heritage of traditional Indian styles. Their experienced hands and steadfast devotion respire life into each piece, making it a practical masterwork that glorifies India’s cultural luxury.

Materials and Techniques: The Backbone of Indian Furniture Craft

The core of Suren Space’s ethnic furniture resides in the materials and techniques we employ. We select only the finest woods, metals, and textiles, and marry them with age-old techniques like intricate carving, delicate inlay work, and robust joinery. This fusion of quality materials and traditional craftsmanship ensures our furniture’s beauty, durability, and sustainability.

Suren Space: Best Place for Ethnic Indian Furniture Online

From humble beginnings, Suren Space has embarked on a journey to showcase Indian craftsmanship to the world. As ethnic furniture manufacturers, we’ve evolved from a modest workshop to a global entity, a testament to our dedication to quality and the timeless methods that distinguish Indian furniture.

Our commitment to quality is unwavering, from our role as suppliers to the moment our furniture graces your home. We rigorously ensure that each piece adheres to our exacting standards, collaborating with logistics partners to ensure its pristine condition upon arrival.

Suren Space is more than a supplier; we are a committed partner to wholesalers in ethnic Indian decor. We understand their unique needs and provide adaptable solutions to ensure their success, offering products that captivate their customers and foster business growth.

Experience the Excellence of Ethnic Indian Furniture with Suren Space

Suren Space delivers all-encompassing services to our suppliers and wholesale partners. We offer a complete suite of services, from product curation to after-sales support, streamlining the buying and selling journey to ensure smooth and prosperous transactions.

Choosing Suren Space means partnering with a company that not only values the artistry of ethnic Indian furniture but is also committed to delivering exceptional service and quality to every customer, for every single piece or a full home ensemble.

Ethnic Indian Furniture

SUREN SPACE is a leading furniture manufacturer and exporter of ethnic furniture. The company has been producing some of the most beautiful sets of furniture in India for both domestic and international markets. From designing to manufacturing, SUREN SPACE is committed to providing its clients with designs that are innovative, functional and aesthetically pleasing as well as meeting their budgets. Their products are made from indigenous materials like teak wood which means they have an earthy feel while being resistant to decay or insects


INDIA is considered a “COUNTRY OF UNITY IN DIVERSITY” since it has a lot of diversity in terms of religion, culture, food, languages, traditions, etc. India’s furniture is also a blend of various artistic & cultural values. Throughout the years, the furniture of INDIA has changed a lot due to the impact of the intriguing fusion of culture. It is well known today for its strength, durability, incredible beauty & art through a traditional INDIAN touch and it says a lot about Indian traditions, art, craft, and culture. India‘s furniture is also termed as COLORFUL FURNITURE as there is diversity present everywhere and various colors, handpainted art & craft work are some key features of INDIAN FURNITURE.


INDIAN Furniture tells how to construct a unique and aesthetic piece of furniture through the engrossed amalgamation of various cultural and artistic values amid various foreign influences. In the early history of INDIA ‘s tradition furniture was not used primarily but in the recent time in INDIA, it is used everywhere and is an important part of men’s life.

As INDIA experienced many foreign influences thus furniture has also had a big impact on various artistic values. Firstly, the Portuguese came into the southern part of INDIA and left their impact on furniture, hence various large cabinets of carving patterns have been seen in the southern furniture style.

After that, French and Dutch people came to INDIA and settled here and built furniture in a way like their native country hence INDIAN experienced EUROPEAN influence, and as a result, the furniture of INDIA is sometimes called INDO-EUROPEAN furniture. In the 18th and 19th centuries, The BRITISH impact was seen in overall parts of India; in that period mostly ENGLISH STYLE FURNITURE was created and teak, rosewood along with Sheesham were used mainly for crafting. Various royal pieces of furniture have been constructed in these centuries and

INDIA has an abundance of solid woods so most furniture is handcrafted with superior quality solid woods. Later various materials like iron, metal, stainless steel, and automobile parts have also been used for constructive, decorative, modern, comfortable, and stylish pieces of furniture.

India s furniture is rich in traditional values of its various regions from using various raw materials like bamboo to ropes, wood, metal, glass, stones, and automobile parts to encourage reusability and to foster sustainable growth, now INDIA’ S FURNITURE is aesthetically known for its durability, sturdiness, comfortability, beauty and rich artistic and traditional values while matching with the trend of modernity.


By placing INDIAN ETHNIC FURNITURE in your space, you can bring a fusion of various

Traditional and modern styles also INDIAN FURNITURE come in various designs, styles, patterns, and finishes to match any type of decor theme. No furniture can be compared with the designs, styles, and uniqueness of INDIAN furniture. The colorful INDIA and its furniture have a unique identity at a global level.



ETHNIC INDIAN FURNITURE manufactured by SUREN SPACE is handcrafted with superior quality raw material with meticulous detailing work of our traditions and culture also exudes the trend of modernity in it. We truly manufacture one-of-a-kind pieces of every type of furniture that are versatile and more than just a functional piece with every inch of detailing work.

We provide furniture at a budget-friendly rate with proper customer satisfaction. Whether you are a homeowner or wish to buy furniture for your office, commercial place, or hospitality space, we have all types of furniture available at pocket-friendly rates that hold all the superior quality standards.


If you want to adorn your space with the luxury beauty of blue city’s mesmerizing furniture range, you must take a sneak peek at our latest collection of royal ETHNIC INDIAN FURNITURE. From home decor furniture to commercial furniture, from hospitality furniture to contract and event furniture, almost all types of furniture are available under our roof.

Here are some glimpses of what type of furniture we have in our online store to cater to our customer’s demands:



Wood is the durable and sturdy material that is available in INDIA in abundance hence wooden furniture is manufactured at a higher level in INDIA. We use all types of solid Indian wood like mango, acacia, Sheesham, walnut, pine, teak, etc. All types of wooden furniture are manufactured here that you can buy for any decor setup.


Metal is also considered environmentally friendly and the best material for furniture. It is always in demand due to its durability, sturdiness, and longevity. Every type of furniture can be crafted using various metals like iron, stainless steel, etc. For outdoor furniture segment setup, metal is always considered a reliable material. From seating furniture to indoor and outdoor furniture for the home, office, hotels, restaurants, pubs, bars, resorts, and all commercial sectors we manufacture all types of metal furniture at a pocket-friendly rate.


“SUREN SPACE” is the largest rattan and cane furniture manufacturer & exporter in INDIA that manufactures rattan and cane furniture for every space. All types of rattan and cane seating furniture like chairs and tables, sofa sets, beds, dining table and chairs sets, and various indoor and especially outdoor and patio furniture are available in different categories, sizes, designs, and styles.


For sustainable growth and development of our mother earth, the concept of reusability should be taken into consideration to reuse the material and reduce the cutting of trees. The automobile industry inspires automobile furniture that is manufactured by us that is not only beautiful but also functional and versatile pieces of furniture. Various outdoor and restaurant furniture including sofa sets, chairs and tables, dining sets, storage cabinets, and counter units are available in various designs, styles, shapes, and finishes at our online store in which we are specialized.


Almost all types of seating furniture using various types of raw materials like wood, metal, cane, etc. are manufactured by us to provide a comfortable and cozy sitting to our customers. In this category, various sofa sets ( single & multi seater), and a splendid range of chairs( wing, cantilever, lounge, patio, arm, dining, victorian, balloon chair, and many more in upholstered and non-upholstered forms) are available to create an aesthetically pleasing INDIAN aura through INDIAN furniture.


We have an extensive range of various beds to ensure the perfect relaxation of your body and comfortable sleep. In this range, you can see various single beds, king and queen size beds, four poster beds, kids room beds, and deewan with or without storage options in categories, especially in wood. Our collection of traditional Rajasthani beds, antique contemporary, and modern beds can turn every head. Beauty, simplicity, comfort, durability, and sturdiness are some key factors of our sleeping furniture in which customer satisfaction is our top priority.


On our online store, you can choose the splendid range of storage furniture including various wardrobes, shelves, display units, home and hospitality storage cabinets, chests of drawers, and many more categories of storage furniture units that will not only keep your space organized but also add beauty to the overall surroundings. For home decor to office, hospitality, and commercial purposes we have everything according to the requirement that can perfectly fit with any type of interior decor.

Apart from these above-mentioned categories of furniture range from traditional to modern, antique to modern furniture, industrial to vintage furniture, and rustic to contemporary Indian furniture you will find an ocean of various categories of furniture so just dive once and you will get a product of your own choice. Also, you will see various categories of furniture including RETRO STYLE FURNITURE, RECLAIMED FURNITURE, SHABBY CHIC FURNITURE, FARMHOUSE STYLE, and COASTAL FURNITURE. All these above-mentioned styled furniture in various designs, shapes, and finishes are available.


“SUREN SPACE” is a leading handcrafted furniture manufacturer, exporter, wholesaler & supplier company that is actively engaged in providing INDIAN AESTHETIC AND DESIGN DRIVEN FURNITURE to the world at a budget-friendly price while maintaining quality and other standards for years. As a CUSTOM FURNITURE MANUFACTURER, apart from providing our standardized range, we do customization to cater to the requirement of our customers.

Also as an OEM(ORIGINAL EQUIPMENT MANUFACTURER), we can help another manufacturer company to complete their designs wholly or partially as per the specifications provided by them and after completing they can sell the product under their brand name. From inquiry of furniture to its final doorstep delivery, we provide all the facilities and help out 24*7 for our customers against any query they have. So without any delay send us an order and make your space elegant with AESTHETIC INDIAN FURNITURE, that will give INDIAN VIBE to your surroundings!