How Much is the Restaurant Sofa Set Price?

How Much is the Restaurant Sofa Set Price - SURENSPACE

How Much is the Restaurant Sofa Set Price?

Before buying Restaurant sofa sets, A restaurant owner always thinks about their cost. So it’s the first and foremost thing that comes into everyone’s mind. But how will you know about it? Looking for information about the Restaurant sofa set price? You have come to the right place.

Here we are giving you a ready reckoner along with sufficient knowledge to know the cost of the sofa set. When it comes to Restaurant Sofa seatings, a single factor can never determine the cost of the sofa set as it depends on several factors like what type of sofa set you wish to buy. Which type of material is used in it? The quality and quantity of the sofa set that you wanna buy? So various types of sofa sets have various pricing structures.

The price of a restaurant sofa depends on the material the sofa is made of. For example, the cost of a leather restaurant sofa is higher than the price of a fabric-made sofa set. The sofa set price for a banquette in a Restaurant will be higher and this will depend on the size, color, and fabric of the banquette. 

The price of a bistro-style bar or counter can be different depending on how big it is and what type of fabric and upholstery it has. Let’s discuss briefly some factors which play vital role in determining the cost of Restaurant sofa sets:

Type of Sofa Set and Material Used in it 

Which type of sofa set do you want to buy? If you have an answer to this question you can easily guess the cost of the sofa set. Yes! The type of sofa set and the material used in it will determine the cost of the sofa set. 

For instance, what kind of upholstery is a sofa made of? If it’s a couch made of cotton or any other type of fabric you can expect to pay lower as compared to a leather upholstery-made sofa. The quality of the fabric, wood and other materials used to make the furniture has a direct impact on the price. 

The higher the cost of the materials, the more expensive the sofa set will be. Just like wood, the fabric that you use also has a direct influence on cost. The thicker and softer (by softer we don’t necessarily mean smoother – but which is comforting to the user) the fabric, the higher the cost, and whether it is of low quality the cost will remain average. 

Size of the Sofa Set  

The size of the sofa set is also a crucial factor that determines the cost. There are various types of sofa sets used in Restaurant dining areas like SINGLE SEATER, 2 SEATER{ LOVE SEATS), 3 SEATER, 4 SEATER, etc. Every restaurant has a different ambiance and different seating options according to its interior decor. Various sizes of sofa sets have different costing according to the seating option they have because long seating option sofa sets have a lot of material used and thus cost go high as compared to the single and two seater sofa sets. 

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So if you want to buy a single seater or two seater sofa set the cost will remain low but if there is a need for a 3 SEATER, 4 SEATER OR 5 SEATER sofa sets you will have to pay more as it gives more seating option and thus the material also required more. 

Build Quality of the Sofa Set            

Apart from the material used, what influences the build quality of the sofa set also determines the cost. If you want to judge the quality of a sofa, go beyond what it looks like. Quality goes deeper than looks, and that is why two identical-looking sofas can vary so much in price. What lies inside determines how your sofa rates for quality. 

If you want a good quality wood-based sofa set, the higher quality wood will cost a lot. The durability and sturdiness of the furniture also matter. Different parts of the sofa like the frame, seating support and filling—determine not only your sofa’s level of comfort but also its ability to retain its shape and stability in the years to come.

The custom-made sofa set for the restaurant will be better in terms of durability and sturdiness. So the cost is directly influenced by the build quality of the sofa set. 

Whether the Production is in Bulk or Single Pieces

If the sofa set is produced in bulk, the cost would be lower as compared to a single piece. Moreover, the mass-produced sofa sets have low cost because of their optimized production processes as it uses heavy machinery and less hand labor. 

Again, a custom-made sofa set is cost-effective, considering the advantages so whenever the sofa set is ordered in bulk the cost will be low because if production is done in big quantities the cost of production remains low as compared to the small quantity-wise production. So if you order the products in a large quantity, your cost will remain less as compared to the single or fewer quantity pieces. 

Design and Style of the Sofa Set 

Every type of sofa set is constructed in its way. Each piece has a different design & style. So a rare and complex design would be more costly as compared to a normal framework. So there is more labor work in crafting the design and the cost will go higher. 

The innovative design will cost you higher rather than a normal design and style. Apart from the design and style the polishing and finishing on the sofa set also influence its cost directly because every material that is used in construction has its pricing and influences the overall cost of the sofa set. 

For example Polyresin finish or lamination finish on sofa wooden made sofa sets is an expensive polish since almost 10-14 coatings are done to achieve the desired finish. So the highest grade material used in sofa sets will cost you higher than a normal quality material

So these above discussed are some factors that directly influence the cost of sofa sets and also determine the cost. You will see various pricing structures of different sofa sets based on these factors. 

An Overview of “SUREN SPACE” : 

SUREN SPACE” is a JODHPUR(INDIA) based largest handcrafted Restaurant furniture manufacturer, exporter, supplier, and wholesaler company which manufactured various all types of Restaurant Furniture like Restaurant sofa sets, Dining table and chairs sets, All types of restaurant table and chairs, etc and supplies it in INDIA and across the world. 

The furniture provided by us refers to an excellent work of art and exudes an international appeal. Our quality management and economic pricing structure have also gained well-kept credibility in the Indian and global furniture markets. Our company deals in handcrafted wooden, metal, cane, and rattan, as well as the automobile industry, inspired furniture and provides Indian quality furniture at an affordable rate which varies according to the type of furniture. 

If we talk about Restaurant Sofa sets you can get a SINGLE SEATER SOFA SET at ( 9K-12K ) TWO SEATER SOFA SETS at (12 K-18 K) while a THREE SEATER SOFA SET will cost you between ( 22K- 30K )Apart from the standardized range, we provide Customization along with other benefits like CLIENT CARE, OEM FACILITY also to our customers. 

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