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Restaurant Chairs and Tables Wholesale in Indore, Madhya Pradesh, India

Restaurant owners will approach Suren Space to get the right furniture for their productive restaurant. Whether you prefer modern or classical type of furniture, or specific color scheme, we are certain to find furniture that would be suitable to the interiors, corporate identity, and image.

We are favorites to assist businesses across India to get the best looking furniture for their bars, cafes and restaurants. In furniture for restaurants, we offer professional consultation on tables and chairs, restaurant patio furniture and restaurant benches and banquettes among others.

Café and Restaurant Furniture Manufacturers in Indore, Madhya Pradesh, India

When decorating a restaurant, a bar or café, one needs to pay attention to a number of aspects to ensure a creation of the right environment for the clients. This can be clearly attributed to the fact that the type of contract furniture to be used is very critical in determining the nature or the style of the place that it will be used at.

Restaurant chairs must be not only beautiful and in harmony with the rest of the interior, they also must be rather practical and have a rather high level of wearing resistance. Restaurant furniture needs to be hard wearing to cope with the workload of the restaurant as well as having a practicality to cope with any spills or accidents every now and then.

Suren Space has a large range of restaurant furniture, bar furniture and café furniture to meet and fulfill your requirements. Whether you need tables and chairs, stools, booths or even chairs for outside, we are your one stop shop for everything you need to make your business look its best.

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Low budget Small Restaurant Design Ideas in Indore, Madhya Pradesh, India

He or she therefore underlines that when designing your restaurant, you seriously need to consider your venue seating. The shape and size of the table to be used has influence over the potential capacity of the restaurant and in the long run, it affects the amount of business to be anticipated.

Chinese Restaurant Design Guide

Chinese food is also very popular in America and it is hardly considered as a foreign cuisine. Today, one can find tens of thousands of Chinese restaurants in the USA, so Chinese cuisine enjoys high popularity. This Chinese restaurant interior design guide will take you through a number of guidelines that will in a way help act as a head start when designing your Chinese restaurant. 

Mexican Restaurant Guide on Interior Design

Mexican restaurants hit not only with the quality of the meal but also with fast tempers and the inner beauty of the restaurant. However, although all Mexican restaurants apply colors for decoration purposes not all the colors can apply to all the eating segments.

Coffee Shop Interior Design Ideas

What is more, a coffee shop can be much more than a cup of coffee unofficially drunk on the way to work. They can earn as much laying tiles, plastering or just puttering around and building as they can squatting in musty parks, or dozing off in doorways. This goes according to your visions of the place and the overall method of interior designing to be applied.

Small Restaurant Design, Tips, Trends, and Guide

They simply imply that you do not have to settle because you are in a small place. Therefore, deciding that a small restaurant interior design does not necessarily have to be less alluring and frequented as the large locales. All that is needed is to employ a few strategies that assist in making the place look larger than it actually is, and the new restaurant you intend to establish will become the new rave around the corner.

Interior Design Guidelines for the Indian Restaurant

Hospitable and generous in the offer of aromas and colors, Indian restaurants are a military that feeds the senses and perfumes the tastes. Interior design of the Indian restaurants must contribute to the assessment without imposing itself and becoming a plus can change eye soar.

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Restaurant Furniture Designs Services In Indore, Madhya Pradesh, India

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What Furniture Can I Purchase for my Restaurant in Indore, Madhya Pradesh, India?

Whether your business is an old restaurant or it has newly started, we assure you to give it a homely look with the help of our furniture. We can either source or build the perfect furniture for your restaurant, pub or café across India

  • Dining tables, bar tables, counter tables and islands
  • Dining chairs, side chairs and arm chairs
  • Bar stools and counter stools
  • Banquettes, benches and booths
  • Shelving units and buffets
  • Sofas and lounge chairs
  • Pendant lights and wall sconces
  • Outdoor patio furniture, outdoor tables and outdoor chairs
  • Custom furniture

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How Many Seats Do You Need to Fill Your Restaurant in Indore, Madhya Pradesh, India?

In most of the cases, the actual sit down clients depend on the number of chairs and tables set or placed in the restaurant. Having a large table size or too many booths can limit the number of sets which could be placed in the restaurant to reach the maximum number of people capable of being served. The “rule of thumb” when it comes to determining the seating area:

  •  Dining Room – 60% of the total space.
  • Kitchen, storage and the other areas – 40% of the total space.

The space given to a customer is between 15 and 18 inches depending on the type of venue that is to be created. Further, to get the maximum number of seats it is suggested to divide the net dining area size by 15-18. Please note that usually the actual number will be slightly smaller based on the seating type and layout of your restaurant.

A 200-seated restaurant will imply a dining area of 3000 sq. ft (200 * 15 = 3000). Since this would be 60 percent of the total space; the total area needed will be five thousand square feet.

The aforementioned rule of thumb will work backwards when the space was already set to ascertain the maximum seating capacity that can accommodate the target clientele. For example: ,The gross space in the restaurant is 2,800 square feet in which 60% is used for the dining area which is equal to 1,680 square feet. If we divide that number by let’s say 15” per person we get 112 seats (1,680/15).

What’s the Ideal Distance Between Restaurant Chairs at a Dining Table?

For round tables it is recommended that they should occupy as much space as possible with at least 24 inches of space for each diner to comfortably eat. For round tables an allowance of ranges between 25’ to 28’ should be provided. The distance between chairs in two different tables needs to be a minimum of 18 inches because customers should not be touched by other customers or waiting staff. In the case of limited space, booths give a good seating choice that boosts carrying capacity but they do not hinder the required aisle space. It is also recommended to have 4-5 feet distance between tables.

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Why Choose Suren Space as Your Custom Restaurants  & Lounge Furniture Manufacturers in Indore, Madhya Pradesh, India?

Furniture Experts

Our furniture specialists are always ready to serve you individually providing you with the appropriate furniture for your restaurant.

Decades of Experience

Counting down isn’t it? I think we have been doing this for the past several years or so! Whether it is furniture for your restaurant, café or a bar we have the contacts to assist you purchase.

Custom Furniture

To boot, we are presented with a large array of furniture and moreover, we are capable of purchasing furniture which has been made to order.

Looking for Modern Restaurant & Cafe Furniture Exporters in Pan India

It has the vision of penetrating every corner of India with the best furniture and decor possible at a price that has a good value. Currently we have more than 100 experience stores across India and it is pretty sure that we will definitely be having more than double stores in near future.

In India, quality and design variation is a challenging parameter to look for while shopping for furniture. One can hardly make a decision to trust just any brand. Suren space is unique due to the practical experience and valuable background knowledge of the target customer base. We aim to recreate an India where natural resources are given to all of us.

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