Wholesale Farmhouse Furniture from Jodhpur India

Wholesale Farmhouse Furniture

The World of Furniture

In the wise words of former US President Ronald Reagan, “All great change in America begins at the dinner table”. This shows just how important furniture – not just the dining table – is in our lives. The future of a nation apparently depends on furniture! Another example of famous furniture is the exquisite collection adorning the Rose Garden of the White House, where many official events have been held over the years.

Furniture plays a very important role in our lives, making our lives easier and providing us comfort. Where does this furniture come from? Every piece of furniture travels a long journey from the raw material stage to the finished product stage. While there are some furniture manufacturers who mass produce furniture, without much thought to design or quality, there are master craftsmen – like Suren Space – who painstakingly create every piece of furniture. The skilled artisans at Suren Space, a Jodhpur-based furniture designing, manufacturing and exporting company, transform beautiful, detailed designs into gorgeous works of art.

Suren Space specialises in a wide range of furniture. Home and hospitality furniture, contract and project furniture, iron and leather furniture, rustic and modern furniture – the company has a lot to offer! One such type of furniture that Suren Space manufactures, not only for the Indian furniture market, but also for its global customers, is farmhouse furniture.

What is Farmhouse Style?

The definition of a farmhouse is a building that serves as living quarters in a rural or agricultural setting. In other words, a rugged, sturdy structure, with plenty of open space, simple furnishings, a warm and cozy décor. That, in essence, is what the farmhouse style of décor and furniture is all about.

  • Neutral colours

When you imagine a typical farmhouse the colours that come to mind are neutral, earth tones. The farmhouse style décor, inspired by the original farmhouse, is all about muted, neutral colours, interspersed with natural blues, browns and greens. This is probably because when the original farmhouses were built, decorating was done only by using natural materials.

  • Warm textures

The farmhouse style of décor exudes warmth and coziness, making you feel at home. Sparse, minimalist furniture is the theme of the décor. Colourful cushions, rugs, wall hangings etc. are used to add liveliness and warmth to the surroundings.

  • Vintage furniture

Character and uniqueness are synonymous with the farmhouse style of décor and furniture. The original farmhouses belong to a page in history. That ancient look and feel is recreated by using vintage style furniture.

History of Farmhouse Style

Farmhouse furniture and décor, which is very much ‘in’ today, is not a new trend. The concept of a farmhouse as a place of shelter developed as early as the 17th century. First appearing on the fields of Scandinavia and Germany, farmhouses soon gained prominence in colonial America. Initially popular in the East Coast, the farmhouse style became prominent in the Midwest by the 19th century.

The original farmhouses were known for their simplicity and functionality. Natural, locally sourced materials were used. With the advent of the Industrial Revolution, there was an interchange of materials and design ideas between various parts of the country.

Inspired by this simplistic style of living, the farmhouse style of décor and furniture came into being. Colourful fabrics and handmade furniture added warmth and coziness to the otherwise plain interiors. By the 20th century, the farmhouse style of décor was an established – and extremely popular – style of interior design.

Wholesale Farmhouse furniture Style

Interior design is all about using the right furniture and matching furnishings to create the desired style or ‘look’. The effect of any style of décor is greatly enhanced – or reduced – by the furniture you choose. The farmhouse style of décor creates a rustic look and feel, where simplicity and practicality, modernity and antiquity, aesthetics and comfort are equally important.

Furniture matching this style of design is both practical and comfortable, with simple designs and a weathered, worn look. Natural materials and textures, warm colours and vintage accessories are extensively used.

  • Practicality

When the original farmhouses were built, people had to make do with limited resources. Furniture was made only for practical use – there was no time or scope for ornate decorations. Today’s farmhouse furniture continues the tradition of simplicity and practicality.

  • Natural materials

Can you imagine farmers of yesteryear using steel and chrome furniture?! Original farmhouses – and the furniture within – were built using the natural resources easily available. Modern farmhouse furniture predominantly uses reclaimed wood, stone, wicker and other natural materials to recreate the age-old style.

  • Imperfections

In the world of furniture – especially farmhouse furniture – imperfections are a good thing! Live edge wood (wood that still retains the natural edges of the tree, including the bark) with its glorious ‘imperfections’ and distressed wood (wood made to appear aged) are ideal choices for farmhouse furniture. ‘Imperfect’ and ‘old’ wood gives the furniture an antique, rustic look.

  • Mix and match furniture

Farmhouses – the inspiration behind the furniture style – were decorated in fits and starts, with no real planning. Various furniture pieces were added as and when the opportunity arose. Farmhouse furniture maintains this haphazardness, not only in the different styles used to decorate the same room, but also in the variety of materials used to create a single piece of furniture.

Popularity of Farmhouse Furniture

Farmhouse furniture, a trend that began centuries ago, is still hugely popular across the world today. From homes to hotels and restaurants to resorts, the demand for farmhouse furniture is rapidly increasing. There are many reasons for the popularity of this style of furniture.

  • Warmth and comfort

The worn, ‘been there a long time’ look of farmhouse furniture conveys a sense of warmth and comfort and makes the surroundings look cozy and inviting. That is why farmhouse furniture is frequently used by the hospitality industry.

  • Versatility

Probably one of the greatest advantages of farmhouse furniture is that it is very versatile; it goes well with many other styles of décor like industrial and traditional.

  • Natural

We live in a time of global warming and alarming ecological damage. Environmental protection has become a global priority. Made from predominantly natural materials, farmhouse furniture is fast becoming the preferred style of furniture.

  • Availability

The global farmhouse furniture industry is rapidly growing. An industry that is already valued at billions of dollars, its steady growth can be attributed to the rising demand for farmhouse furniture. Furniture manufacturers worldwide are striving to meet this increasing demand.

Wholesale Farmhouse Furniture Courtesy Suren Space

Farmhouse furniture is fast becoming a popular choice in the international furniture market – how can India be far behind? Even though furniture was little known in ancient India, furniture making became a highly developed skill in the country by the 14th century. Since then, India’s furniture industry has won global acclaim for its intricate work, skilled craftsmanship and high-quality products. In the farmhouse furniture industry also, Indian presence in the international arena is very prominent.

Suren Space is one of India’s leading furniture manufacturers, catering to both domestic and international markets. Apart from the wide variety of farmhouse furniture, Suren Space’s bespoke furniture range offers the clients a flexibility of style that can seldom be matched by any other furniture manufacturer. Farmhouses, luxury apartments, holiday villas, hookah lounges, cafes, bistros – Suren Space’s farmhouse style furniture is in great demand everywhere!

  • Furniture for hotels, resorts, etc – People going on vacations to hotels and resorts look for, among other things, a feeling of comfort. Farmhouse furniture is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also extremely comfortable.
  • Furniture for home – Home décor is about more than just beauty; it’s an expression of the home owner’s style and personality. The antique looking farmhouse furniture brings a sense of warmth and permanence that is very appealing to any house owner.
    • Handmade Design Indian Wood Living Room TV Cabinet
    • Old Indian Wood Reclaimed Design Solid Wood Wardrobe
    • Country Style Solid Wood Single Seater Sofa
    • Indian Mango Rough Wood Leatherette Two-Seater Sofa
    • Bike Inspire Upcycled Decorative Table Lamp
    • Hand Carved White Distress Solid Wood Mirror Frame
    • Reclaimed Wood Shutter Pattern Curved Cabinet
    • Old Indian Window Door Wood TV Cabinet cum Sideboard
  • Furniture for restaurants, cafés, etc – Uniqueness, aesthetics and practicality are some of the hallmark traits of any dining establishment, which help them to ‘be better than the rest’. All these qualities are inherent in farmhouse furniture, making it the popular choice for all types of dining establishments.
    • Reclaimed Wood Metal Body Sideboard
    • Indian Sleeper Wood White Base Unique Sideboard
    • Tufted Leather Canvas Rustic Theme Dining Chair
    • Farmhouse Inspire Raw Design Inspire Single Seater for Restaurant
    • Farmhouse Barrel Drum Metal Bar Chair Table Set

A trend that is here to stay, a market leader whose furniture creations are increasing the popularity of the style, a ‘look’ that adds depth and character to any living or workspace – that is what farmhouse furniture is all about, thanks to Suren Space.

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