Best Retro Furniture Design for Old Day Vibes!

Retro stands for the style that is dated back to the past times. If your dream of filling your place with beautiful nostalgic furniture then, retro is the style that you are looking for. The beautifully designed furniture that reminds you of the great old times and brings the warmth of past times is what retro signifies. Retro-style furniture mainly refers to the designing style of the 1950s, 1960s, 1970s, and lately, the 1980s have also been added to the list.

Retro furniture is best to create the vibes of old times when life was easy and fun. Various design pieces of retro funiture are designed according to the above four mentioned decades. All four decades decipher different styles of furniture with their share of evolution in styles.

What is Retro Furniture?

As the name suggests, it is the furniture that brings the dated back old times vibe. But it doesn’t mean that it is an old piece of furniture. Retro furniture is manufactured and styled to resemble the furniture and craft styles of past times which includes decades from the 1950s to the 1980s. The furniture is made to look like the old times but proffers the same brand new wooden quality and sturdy characteristics.

Some people confuse antiques with retro furniture but they both are highly different. The distinguishing point among both is their manufacturing time. The antique furniture pieces are made in the past times and have been in existence from their original styles times. But retro furniture just signifies the style of newly manufactured furniture that resembles old furniture of a certain time phase. Antiques are old and hold a lot of historical value which is not the case with newly made retro furniture.


Evolution of Retro Furniture Style with Decades

Retro furniture holds a wide spectrum of designs and backgrounds. It can be inspired by a noble lifestyle, tacky, hippie, or even pop culture but the crux essence is the appearance of old times.  The retro furniture is a classic piece of décor for any place. It is perfect for heritage hotels and classic architectural places. The style of retro furniture has seen many evolutions which sum up in four main decades of the 20th century. Let’s try to understand the particular essence of every decade and its style.

  • The 1950s

This decision marks the beginning of the time when furniture wasn’t necessarily be made out of wood. New materials and substances came into existence that could be used for the construction of furniture like plastic, vinyl, laminate, and plywood. This also gave revolutionary changes to the designs of the furniture as well. Many modern-looking designs were born in this decade.

Retro furniture classification starts from this decade and resembles the designs of modern furniture designs. The furniture frames were started to look more slim and slender. The prints and graphics were more bold and bright in fashion. New materials were incorporated into furniture construction resulting in Formica-topped tables or a variety of chrome bar stools.

  • The 1960s

This decade preserved the designs of the 1950s quite as they were without any significant alterations. But the main objective of this decade was the addition of a robust rainbow of colors and beautiful funky patterns was an important addition to the manufacturing style of the furniture. Bright colors along with psychedelic patterns were incorporated into the furniture designs. Geometric patterns and funky spiced-up shapes also came into existence in the furniture designs during this period.

This time phase is important because of the different shades it added to the design development even if it didn’t provide any huge change in the construction of the retro style furniture.

  • The 1970s

Unlike the last decade, this time phase showed an enormous change in the style of furniture construction. The 70s made the designs bulkier and heavy looking denoting the vibe of noble furniture. The color palette that was added back into the 60s was also transformed during this phase. The color became more pastel and inspired by the nature. Shades like olive green, brown, muted yellow, etc. became more famous and acceptable by the masses. Orange was also an addition to the furniture with its vibrant energy.

The sleek and slim designs of the last decade started transforming into bulkier ones. Chunky and bigger style of furnishings was more in demand during this time phase. The incorporation of earth tones in the furniture styles can be considered as the major takeaway during this time.

  • The 1980s

Experts find it quite dilemmatic to consider this decade into the retro style. Some consider the 80s as an integral addition to the retro style while some don’t. Even if it’s little but the effect of the 80s on the retro style of furniture can’t be denied completely.

During this phase, art deco made a huge effect on the furniture designs of the retro style. Southwestern touch also prevailed during the same decade which added more diversity into the current prevailing designs. Designers added more countryside and raw vibes to the furniture which radiated more warmth. Teal and mauve were the two most important colors that influenced the whole color palette of the furniture designs considered into the retro style.

Mirror work was also highly introduced into the furniture manufacturing processes. Floral designs and geometric patterns came into the trend and got accepted by the people in account of the diverse beauty of the furniture pieces. Neons, chintz, etc. were in the main spotlight of the designers. But one thing that remained untouched was the heavy, large and bulkier designs.

After all these years of evolution, the retro furniture that we see now came into existence. When people think of something vintage and classy, a retro vibe is an ultimate option that strikes the chord in the right place. Today, when people buy anything from the collection of retro style, they mainly focus on the decade which suits their taste best as every decade has something different to offer.


The manufacturing process of the Retro Furniture Design

Any piece of furniture requires a lot of effort and hard work to come into its beautiful final form. The manufacturing process affects the quality and durability of the furniture piece as well. That’s why Suren Space proffers the best quality furniture because every craftsman makes the furniture with his heart. We trust in carving emotions from the wood and not just a material piece.

From the selection of the wood to the final furnishing, we keenly do every process to produce the best quality results. Let’s get to know it a bit more.

Selection of Material

This is a very basic but important step in the manufacturing process of furniture. The material makes the foundation of the appearance of any piece of furniture. It also forms the basis of design and detailing that can be done on the furniture because not all materials have the same texture and durability. That’s why different wood or other artificial materials create a different kinds of designs and results.

Our craftsmen and designers work closely to select the best material for forming an appropriate base for the manufacturing of furniture that fits perfectly to your needs as well as taste. Various wood species are used like cedar, oak, etc. that can be used for furniture manufacturing. The softness and density vary according to their types. Let’s have a look at some of the main materials woods that are used.

  • Teak wood

It is the most common type of wood that is used in furniture manufacturing. Kerala is one of the major suppliers of teak wood in India. Suren Space makes sure that they acquire only the best quality wood to produce the top-notch furniture pieces. The main feature of this wood is that it is strong as well as durable and can be carved easily into various details. It also shows resistance against decay and can withstand high temperatures as well.

  • satinwood

This is considered the best quality wood for creating retro furniture because its texture enhances the retro style. It is very durable but slightly high maintenance. It is affordable and can be drawn into various shapes as desired. The surface of satinwood is very lustrous which enhances its beauty.

  • Cedarwood

Another name of cedarwood is Marandi. It is an amazing choice for lightweight furniture. It is also very low maintenance. It is a kind of softwood with great looks as well as durability. It is mainly used in making the interior parts of the load-bearing furniture. This wood requires a month-long seasoning which makes it more exotic. This wood is mainly imported from Malaysia as Suren Space believes in giving only the best quality products to our buyers.

The above mentioned are the most important wood types. Several other wood species are used for making retro furniture like Rosewood, Sal wood, oak, etc.

Timber processing

After choosing the ideal kind of material for manufacturing the piece of furniture that fits your need perfectly, they also need to get processed before the cutting can begin. All the raw wood is cut into shorter and slender pieces for easy handling. After that, the quality inspection is done again to ensure the quality of the wood.

The timber is sent to alter the moisture content to its right balance. The moisture content of the ideal tinder should be 12% to 15% at most. The timber should not adsorb or release any more moisture into the atmosphere. This is a very specific and highly required condition for furniture manufacturing and it is called equilibrium. It works on a scientific phenomenon. Our workers make sure that the timber has the right amount of moisture content so quality doesn’t get compromised at any step.

Cutting and Splitting

The next step after timber processing is its cutting and splitting. The chosen timber is cut and split into the required shapes and sizes from the large timber logs. It is then bundled again on pallets. In the molding section, all the pieces from the bundle are processed. In this step, our workers provide the final touch for the cutting pieces according to the assembly process required for that particular design of the furniture. The timber undergoes various complicated machine mechanisms for processing.

The cutting is done based on furniture design so that it comes out in proper structure. The process requires a lot of effort and heavy endurance to make the timber pieces well structured from the raw material. our workers do this diligently and with the enormous skill set to produce the right results.

Assembly and furnishing

The next step is an assembly of the processed and cut pieces. It can be done in various ways depending upon the final design of the furniture. Retro furniture radiates more raw and rusty vibes for which the assembly of the furniture pieces is also done in the same manner. The sophisticated designs need an extra careful assembly process to ensure fine furnishing later. The different pieces of the furniture are carved out manually or with the assistance of the machines according to the designer’s instructions regarding the furniture piece. Then, later the carved pieces are joined together to give the final structure to the furniture. The assembly can be done manually or by machines as well but that also requires human supervision. So in that way, all our furniture pieces are designed and manufactured under human supervision to provide the best quality products. The assembly process can be done by pasting the pieces or by nailing them down together depending upon the need of the constructional design.
The furnishing process is done at the last. Its main purpose is to give the ultimate look at the design and also to eliminate all the signs of a long and complicated manufacturing process. The wood is polished to smoothen out the surface and also to remove all the rough signs and edges. The process of coloring is also done if needed on certain parts or the whole furniture piece depending upon the design. The other additional steps like upholstering or cushioning are also done at this stage. The little details are given and enhanced to give the prominent final look of the furniture.

The manufacturing of every furniture piece requires a lot of effort. All our workers are highly skilled and experienced which always try to create every furniture piece as their masterpiece. We try to curate the warmth and happiness into the furniture instead of just carving the wood. For the best quality products do check out our site.

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Customization of Retro Furniture Design

The retro furniture is known to provide a vibe of vintage feel and old times. The retro furniture is known for its warmth and nostalgia of past times filled with all spring flowers and winter snows. For creating a soulful and calm atmosphere at your place whether it’s in your office or at your home, retro-style furniture is the best option.

But finding the right type of retro vibe furniture is not that easy. Many factors come into play while choosing the right kind of design. If you are looking for the best quality retro furniture for your place then, check out our wide collection of retro furniture which justifies the raw and opulent vibe of retro furniture perfectly.

This unique design barrel drum table set is perfect for placing it at the entrance of your heritage hotel or cozy cafes. The barrel shape design of the table makes it bulky and sturdy radiating the true vibes of retro furniture from the 1970s. The brown shade of the table represents the soothing color palette of the collection. The black side ridges provide additional durability and also enhance the look. The upper flat surface is polished and furnished to encompass a beautiful finish of the top table.

This funky and bright yellow-colored chair is the best option for people who are in love with the retro style of the 1960s when all the popping colors got added in the retro essence. The beautiful contrast matching of yellow with brown provides an amazing eye-candy look. The cushioning is done with leather material which adds more value to the look and makes it more affluent. It is perfect for adding a tint of color in any plane space. From hotels, bars, cafes to cozy lounge areas this chair will be an amazing choice. This chair is available in two color options to fit perfectly into your taste and requirements.

These beautiful designer chairs are the epitome of integration between vintage and retro vibes. The bent design makes them very eye-catching. The bright colors add funk and vibrance to any place. The lower light bent of the legs makes the whole look more elegant and charming. Whether for a restaurant or your office these chairs are perfect to add the minimal but beautiful décor along with total practical functionality of the chairs. The leather cushioning makes the chairs more valuable and high-end. The brown leather contrast with the pastel color palette is something that can be soothing and very pleasing to the eyes.

If you are someone who advocates environmental conservation as well as beauty together then, this unique lamp is a perfect fit for you. the beautifully designed lower case and the rough-looking surfaces are highly eye-catching. This lamp provides the best vintage vibes along with retro style. The fact behind recycling makes it more desirable. The unique design and delicate appearance is the most fascinating factor of this lamp. The sturdiness with its delicate-looking build is the combination that makes it more unique. The clock incorporation in the lamp makes it more functional for practical use. Place it in the middle of your drawing room or lounge area of a hotel and see how it steals all the attention and admiration of the people.

This amazing designer bedside table is the perfect blend of the modern and retro style of the furniture. It greatly radiates the vibe of 1950s retro furniture when the revolutionary modern designs of the furniture started coming into existence. The mesh design makes it look rough and edgy while the upper polished brown wooden surface provides a modern and well-furnished look. It is perfect for placing it in hotel rooms or your bedroom. The upper flat surface provides the table as well as on lower sides one horizontal and one vertical drawer add more functionality to it.

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Retro-style furniture is an amazing choice for living the good old times. This style provides a wide range of tastes from royal vintage pieces to raw and rough edgy furniture pieces. The retro-style honors the old times and brings nostalgia. Whether it’s for any commercial space like café, restaurant, office, and hotel or any personal space like your home, retro furniture style is perfect.

If you are looking for the best quality retro furniture then, you are in right place. Siren Space provides an outstanding collection of retro furniture that is highly durable, functional, and eye-catching. We create the best quality furniture so that you can decorate your place with love and satisfaction.