Where to Buy Wholesale Furniture for Resale?

Where to Buy Wholesale Furniture for Resale - surenspace


Furniture is a primary source of aesthetics in every home, office, hospitality sector, commercial sector, public space, etc. The term “WHOLESALE ” refers to bulk buying of furniture.

Presently, with the diffusion of the internet and the presence of various online wholesalers in the global market, B2B businesses are also looking to purchase furniture for resale, and yes, it is the most common way to earn money.

Looking for cost-effective and unique furniture for the desired sector is a vital task. You should have direct contact from the International Furniture Manufacturers.

 Let’s talk about some benefits of buying furniture in bulk or wholesale :

 Wholesale is an excellent choice for resellers or buyers. Firstly, the furniture comes directly from the manufacturer. The wholesale furniture stores mainly sell popular and less common furniture. They have a wide range of products and services, so you can easily get a better return on your investment and you will not only save money but also save time and effort.

Not only will you get discounted rates, but you will also enjoy hassle-free shipping and be able to better compete with larger businesses. You save more money when you buy multiple pieces of furniture or furniture in bulk. So, if you’re in the market to furnish wholesale suppliers , it will be very beneficial for you. Wholesale suppliers always return customers, so the growth of the business is certain.

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How and Where to do Sourcing of Wholesale Furniture for Resale?

However, it should be noted that you must make a comprehensive comparison while choosing an international wholesaler supplier of furniture. So many countries across the world give you an excellent platform to buy furniture in bulk.

These platforms will let you connect directly with the manufacturers regardless of the interference of any mediator. China is the leading furniture exporter in the world but is now facing some unfavorable situations like rising costs, shrinking international demand, and trade barriers due to the pandemic COVID-19.

Some countries, like the US, Germany, Italy, India, Indonesia, Japan, and Vietnam, hold strong positions in the global furniture market and are recognized as the largest wholesale furniture suppliers across the world. Indonesia specializes in low-end upholstered furniture.

There is a New York City market for high-end designer furniture. Las Vegas, Malaysia, Singapore, and Romania’s markets are also smaller furniture markets that specialize in specific types of home furnishings.

INDIA: A Sunshine Market for Wholesale FURNITURE

The above suggested nations for buying wholesale furniture are very strong, but if we take a look at the present scenario of the global furniture market, we will see the most extreme route, and that is India. With its growing economy , the Indian domestic furniture market is expected to expand at a CAGR of 12.91% during the period of 2020–2024 and it is the highest in the world. India’s top exports include the US (39.2%), Germany (7.4%), France (6.6%), UK (6.3%), Netherlands (6%), and Australia (2.8%).

Qualitative wholesale furniture, cost minimization, customization or bespoke facilities, brand making, and quick delivery chain are some of the key factors of the Indian Wholesale Furniture market. India is also known for its rich handicrafts by local artisans, traditional art, and style, which have also had an impact on the furniture industry.

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We can say that the Indian wholesale furniture suppliers are known for their fine craftsmanship, traditional art, and elegance across the world. Apart from the other advantages of purchasing wholesale furniture from India, you can be certain that if you are purchasing furniture in bulk, you may be able to get a better deal than on regular days on Indian online wholesale websites during festivals or national holidays such as Diwali, Christmas, Independence Day, Republic Day, and so on. So you can get some extra perks for buying on these festival days.

Now, buying wholesale furniture for resale from India is not a big task anymore as there are many wholesale furniture suppliers in India. URBANLADDER, FABFURNISH, PEPPERFRY, SURENSPACE, SNAPDEAL, BEST OF EXPORTS, WOODENSTREET are some online wholesale furniture stores from INDIA that are well known for their handcrafted furniture in INDIA and GLOBE in order of preference.

Get a Reliable Wholesaler and a Good Deal from “SUREN SPACE” for all your Wholesale Supplier Requirements:

“SUREN SPACE” is a leading manufacturer, exporter, distributor, wholesaler, and supplier of handcrafted “Wholesale Furniture” from JODHPUR (RAJASTHAN). JODHPUR city is the most prominent place for furniture manufacturing in the state of Rajasthan.

SURENSPACE’s furniture is more than just a piece of wood, metal, or any other type of element; it is a display of royal art and tradition of our belongings, offering you a wide range of Indian-made furniture. We offer our furniture at budget-friendly prices to the public and our commercial clients in India and other nations.

We provide nationwide delivery of the best quality, best material, best collection, and best price to our customers. Each piece of furniture from ” SUREN SPACE” is a work of art and exudes an international appeal with its skilled Indian craftsmanship. The quality management and economic pricing structure have also gained well-kept credibility in the Indian and global furniture markets.

 So What Type of Wholesale Furniture “SUREN SPACE” OFFERS?

“SUREN SPACE” deals in handcrafted wooden, metal, cane, rattan, as well as automobile industry inspired furniture. We provide Indian quality furniture at an affordable rate to aspirational customers in India and across the globe. From traditional to modern, contemporary to rustic, antique to modern furniture, vintage to industrial and many more.

So on our online store, the more you search, the more you will get, as we have a complete range of Indian furniture for various sectors, in a myriad of categories like industrial style, modern, antique, reclaimed, retro, contemporary, and boho furniture, vintage and commercial furniture, and many more.

You will find a profusion of all types of furniture in our online store. Apart from our standardized range, if you want to get a customized product, then we are here to transform your unique ideas into functional ones in terms of material, finish, design, dimension, and shape.

We supply our furniture to homeowners, architects, designers, resorts, restaurants, hotels, designers, studios, and wholesalers for resale purposes in bulk. So just get the exact product that you desire only from ” SUREN SPACE” & it will surely be your one-stop shop for buying WHOLESALE INDIAN FURNITURE. You will be amused by our products and how they stand out from the rest.

 Benefits Offered by SURENSPACE Apart from the Product


As a custom wholesale furniture manufacturer, exporter, and supplier company, we also provide customization or bespoke facilities to our clients. Apart from our standardized range, all of our designs can also be customized again as per customer requirements.

Our skilled craftsmen also make fresh designs as per the client’s requirements. So just tell us what you want and send us a design. We will surely hand over the same product of your desire.

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OEM Facility 

“SUREN SPACE”, as an OEM (original equipment manufacturer) , can help its customers and clients with its multivendor environment from a single point of contact. So we can help you to complete your product designs wholly or partially, while providing all the advantages from the manufacturing of a product to its final packaging, including shipping and customs.

Client Care

We provide a level of convenience to our customers during and after a purchase and maintain a mutual understanding and trust with our clients by staying responsive to their concerns. You can count on the quality of Indian craftsmanship, sourced materials, and service every time you contact us. We prioritize every order and understand how important it is to our customers.

So “SUREN SPACE” welcomes all the buyers who wants to buy furniture in bulk across the world and would certainly point you in the right direction while optimizing your time and investments. 

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