restaurant chairs and tables wholesale in Lucknow

Restaurant Chairs and Tables Wholesale in Lucknow

Restaurant Chairs and Tables Wholesale in Lucknow

Are you a restaurant owner in Lucknow searching for high-quality chairs and tables in bulk at affordable prices? Look no further! Suren Space, the leading provider of restaurant furniture, offers a wide range of restaurant chairs and tables at wholesale prices, specifically tailored to meet the needs of restaurant owners like you.

When setting up a restaurant, buying restaurant furniture is the first step toward guaranteeing your customers are comfortable when dining at your establishment. Considering this, the pieces you select are integral to creating an ambiance that complements the quality of your food. It’s worth mentioning that when people think of ambiance, they usually refer to factors like music, lighting, and seating arrangements in addition to tables, chairs, and cutlery. This means picking out restaurant furniture can be just as important to the overall meal experience as the flavor or smell of it! You can get the Restaurant Chairs and Tables Wholesale in Lucknow.

At Suren Space, we understand the importance of creating a comfortable and visually appealing dining experience for your patrons. We are among the most reputable restaurant furniture manufacturers in Lucknow. We go the extra mile to ensure the best quality of the material is used to ensure durability and experienced craftsmanship to create a comfortable space.

The company Suren Space specializes in traditional wooden furniture for residential and commercial spaces alike. Known for their superior craftsmanship and versatility in design which is of the utmost importance when it comes to enhancing any living space with stylish decor pieces of varying sizes, shapes, and functionality.

Suren Space is your destination for everything restaurant Chairs and tables furnishings you could ever desire. We carry commercial-grade furniture that can stand up to the brutal wear-and-tear often bestowed upon it by high traffic, food accidents, floods, floods of beer, altercations between drunken patrons, rude customers . . . the list goes on! Our diverse selection is sure to have something perfect for any establishment or theme. And since furniture plays such a big part in how your guests perceive the quality of your establishment’s image, they are sure to have a great time with us. You can get the Restaurant Chairs and Tables Wholesale in Lucknow.

Whether you’re running a restaurant or hotel, getting the right furniture is very important. Restaurant and bar furniture manufacturer and wholesale designs are made of top-quality materials to provide you with long-lasting durability and comfort no matter what situation you find yourself in. Our top priority is giving you the best buying experience possible in the city of Lucknow.

Suren Space offers a specialized crew for bulk manufacture and delivery if you need furnishings for a cafe or restaurant in Lucknow. We process bulk orders quickly, and since the restaurant and hotel industries must deliver furniture on schedule owing to rents and goal launch dates, we take extra care while shipping bulk furniture to Lucknow. Furniture proportions and finishes are carefully considered in accordance with guidelines. Overall, there is a significant market for various kinds of restaurant furniture in the food sector, particularly in the restaurant business. We assist owners in obtaining furniture that is long-lasting and sturdy while also lowering their prices. Choose your best Restaurant Chairs and Tables Wholesale price in Lucknow, India.

Buying furniture for a new restaurant or opening a new coffee shop? Do you need some buying advice? In addition to great coffee, a shop’s layout and furnishings may significantly alter the experience. Will you have enough room to provide someone who has just finished a long walk with a cosy sofa to sit on? All of these and many more elements might make or break the success of your coffee shop. Choose your best Restaurant Chairs and Tables Wholesale price in Lucknow, UtterPradesh, India at Suren Space.

Affordable modern designs and commercial furniture manufacturer supplier services are what Suren Space offers to its customers in Lucknow, Utter Pradesh. Furniture top solutions for offices, showrooms, hotels, and restaurants in Lucknow. Included are tables, a reception desk,  file cabinets, wooden chairs in hotel rooms, and door and window furnishings. full furniture maker.

Your customers will feel at home if your restaurant’s furnishings have a sophisticated appeal. In the case of a hotel or resort, the same remains true. Our Suren Space is the top provider of modular furniture in Lucknow, Utter Pradesh, India, and we have an excellent selection of modular goods for hotels and restaurants. Whether you need a stunning dining table or a high-end sofa, we expertly meet your individual requirements. We have a wide variety of items. As a reputable Modular Furniture Manufacturer in Lucknow, Utter Pradesh, we provide numerous acclaimed inns and restaurants over the nation with our goods. Choose your Best Restaurant Chairs and Tables Wholesale price in Lucknow, Utter Pradesh, India with Suren Space. Modular restaurant furniture is supplied by Suren Space, an Indian restaurant manufacturer. We also manufacture furniture for restaurants, Hotels, cafes and bars in Lucknow, Utter Pradesh.

All furniture types, including wooden cafe chairs, iron cafe chairs, tolix chairs, restaurant chairs, comfy chairs, straight-back chairs, running-foot couches, and c-shaped sofas, may be made. and delivered quickly. Suren Space has a lot to offer in terms of tables, including folding tables, stackable tables, known-down tables, cast iron tables, hardwood tables, and candle stand tables. Get Free Consultation for wholesale price restaurant chairs and tables in Lucknow, India Or Simply call us at +91-63777-12297

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Why Choose Suren Space for Restaurant Chairs and Tables Wholesale in Lucknow?

At Suren Space, we are not only a wholesale restaurant chairs and tables supplier, but we are also the furniture manufacturer that enables us to bring the best quality furniture to life. We know what challenges put the restaurant owners back when it comes to choosing the furniture to elevate their space. That’s why we do our best in our capacity to offer the highest quality of durable restaurant furniture at affordable prices.

1. Affordable Wholesale Prices

Starting a restaurant business is a costly decision, it requires a lot of budget and furniture is among the most costly things. Being the manufacturer of restaurant furniture, we always put our years of experience into action to bring a cost-effective furniture collection. Our wholesale prices are applicable to all our bulk restaurant furniture ordering to make it easier for you to choose the best quality furniture without breaking the bank.

2. Wide Selection of Styles

Every restaurant has its own unique atmosphere and theme, and we believe your furniture should reflect that. Our extensive range of chairs and tables encompasses various styles, from modern and sleek to classic and rustic. No matter the aesthetic you’re aiming for, we have the perfect furniture pieces to complement your vision.

3. Exceptional Quality

When it comes to Suren Space, quality is something that matters above all to us. Since, as a restaurant owner you are going to make a significant investment in restaurant furniture, it should be capable of handling day-to-day wear and sustain for a longer period of time. With Suren Space, you are ensured of receiving the best quality restaurant furniture made of the finest quality material that will withstand for the year and create the best ROI.

4. Customization Options

Every restaurant has different needs to be addressed. Our firm belief is that the dream of setting up your restaurant’s furniture exactly how you like should be an option for you. That’s why we offer the custom furniture option to tailor the furniture just like the way you want to cater to your specific needs. From selecting the perfect upholstery to choosing the ideal dimensions, we’re here to bring your vision to life.

5. Expert Advice and Assistance

The availability of several options for restaurant chairs and tables makes it hard for a restaurant owner to choose the right furniture. This is where expert advice and assistance come to your rescue. We’ll help you navigate the options, offering advice on style, functionality, and space optimization. With our assistance, you can create a dining area that not only looks great but also maximizes efficiency and customer comfort.

6. Cafe Tables and Chairs Wholesale

We also cater to cafe owners in Lucknow who are looking for stylish and affordable furniture options. We offer a wide range of products in our cafe tables and chairs collection, which are ideal for establishing a cozy and welcoming environment at your cafe. Suren Space is your go-to supplier of wholesale cafe furniture whether you’re starting a new cafe or renovating an existing one.

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Restaurant Furniture Designs Services In Lucknow

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Buy the Best High-End Suitable Restaurant & Cafeteria furniture in Lucknow

Purchase high-quality restaurant and cafeteria furniture (indoor and outdoor) from the Suren Space Furniture brand, including restaurant tables, seats, and stools. We also provide and sell a variety of cafeteria and restaurant furniture. We provide a large selection of chairs and tables, including wooden, and other types of chairs including lounge chairs and easy chairs. These tables and chairs are made from very high-quality materials. Our chairs and tables are popular in the market due to a variety of attributes including their dependability, longevity, and affordable rates.

Top Cafeteria & Restaurant Furniture Manufacturers, Suppliers, Wholesaler & Exporter in Lucknow

We produce furniture specifically for restaurants. In Lucknow, you may get anything from banquet chairs to aluminum chairs to hardwood tables and chairs to tables, bar stools, sideboards, cabinets, kitchen benches, center tables, and couches. We provide restaurant furniture that is not only affordable but also attractively designed, easy to use, space-efficient, and available in a variety of styles. Some of the dining room and kitchen furniture is specifically made to the customer’s specifications. These pieces of furniture are likewise of exceptional quality and durability. Overall, there is a significant market for various kinds of restaurant furniture in the food sector, particularly in the restaurant business.

Restaurant Tables and Chairs Sizes  – How Many are Required for Your Bar or Cafe in Lucknow?

In your coffee shop, you should ideally increase the total amount of tables and chairs while clearly being careful not to crowd customers and create a bad customer experience by placing them too close together. Additionally, make sure there is adequate space between the chairs for both the employees and the clients. Take a look around your area with a tape measure. Plan how many people you want to accommodate in on a square of paper; ideally, you need around 80 cm between tables. This should give you a decent indication of the size and number of options.

Bespoke Coffee Shop Furniture in Lucknow

Affordable modern designs and commercial furniture manufacturer supplier services are what Suren Space Furniture offers to its customers in Lucknow, Utter Pradesh. Furniture top solutions for offices, showrooms, hotels, and restaurants in Lucknow. Included are tables, a reception desk, office furniture made of wood, and wooden chairs in hotel rooms. Contact us for your coffee shop or restaurant needs a counter or bar table. View some of our most recent work to get a sense of the wide range of items we can create, or just contact us right away to talk about your ideas.

Restaurant Sofas at Whole Sale Price

Restaurant Booths at Whole Sale Price

Restaurant Benches at Whole Sale Price

Restaurant Chairs and Tables in Wholesale Price Lucknow at Suren Space

• Variety of chair and table options for restaurants.
• Furniture with ergonomics in mind.
• Wide selection.
• Fast delivery.

We provide a wide variety of restaurant chairs and restaurant tables that may be chosen from and purchased in accordance with your restaurant ambience  We manufacture a variety of chairs, and tables in addition to a wide choice of cafeteria seats. Our cafeteria chair stands out from other chairs because of its unique designs, plush comfort, and range of heights.

What Makes Suren Space Unique From the Other Restaurant Chairs and Tables Wholesalers in Lucknow?

We’re a leading manufacturer and supplier of commercial and restaurant furniture in Lucknow. Our products include bar stools, commercial tables, banquet chairs,  conference tables, kitchen booths, and sofa beds. The smooth functioning of our restaurant furniture is guaranteed by our expert staff, aided by the quality wood we use in the manufacture of these units.

The best way to ensure you are getting the best furnishings for your space is to turn to Suren Space restaurant furniture specialists. Suren Space provides top-quality durable commercial furniture so you can be confident of having exceptional products that will last for years.

Our specialists thoroughly understand what the market has to offer and we’ll make sure you get products that meet all your requirements and more. We strive for our customers’ complete satisfaction and we guarantee our products and maintain professional customer service, whether it’s products like tables and chairs, acoustical panels, handmade bar stools, don’t hesitate to contact us. We can match or replace your entire restaurant furniture with newly updated ones with our wholesale prices. If you are struggling with matching your existing furniture, please call our support team on +91-63777-12297 or write us at

We supply all types of restaurants, cafeterias, and diners alike, supplying a wide variety of attractive designs to choose from. Our glass tables are handmade for a seamless finish that will adhere to your tastes while also being very economical when it comes to space! They can last long with us through our exceptional customer service offering.

  • Our vision is to increase your restaurant’s profitability. We take pride in the fact that we’re not just providing you with durable furniture, but also providing style and design that will help you to hold onto valued customers.
  • Whether you run a small, high-end restaurant or own a large restaurant chain serving meals en masse around the city, we at Suren Space can cater to your needs and equip your establishment with quality Restaurant Furniture that provides optimal seating and tables, among many other furniture. Whatever your choice may be, we can deliver these items to you in any quantity or size you might need!

High-Quality Café and Restaurant Furniture in Lucknow

When you choose Suren Space to meet your restaurant chairs and table needs, you are sure to achieve success. We believe in building a long-term relationship that brings mutual growth of benefit for our customers and us alike. We offer ongoing support and assistance as well to make sure you have enough knowledge to use the best maintenance strategies to ensure its durability. Our commitment to quality and excellence sets us apart from our competitors.

Get in Touch With the Top Custom Restaurant and Cafe Furniture Manufacturers

Ready to transform your restaurant or cafe with our exceptional wholesale furniture? Reach out to us today to discuss your requirements, request a quote, or schedule a visit to our showroom. Let Suren Space be your trusted partner in creating a remarkable dining experience for your customers while keeping your budget in check.

Remember, great furniture doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Choose Suren Space and let us help you furnish your restaurant or cafe in style.

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Restaurant Chairs at Whole Sale Price

Bar Table Chairs Set at Whole Sale Restaurant Furniture

Stylish Restaurant & Cafe Furniture in Lucknow

It’s a fact… it takes a lot of hard work to run your own restaurant. You have to think about how you can attract customers and make sure that no one leaves without paying for their food. It’s important to provide the best possible dining experience for your guests. This includes knowing what kinds of furniture would make them feel most comfortable when sitting at your restaurant, waiting to get seated or hanging out in the lounge areas. There are tons of options available at Suren Space featuring everything from bar stools to reception counters and even bar table chair sets

Most restaurants today are opting for certain types of decor so as to give their customers the illusion of more space. This allows them to fit more people in without sacrificing aesthetics. Decors can be minimalistic or heavily patterned to accommodate different tastes, but there are several questions that need to be answered before finalizing a theme for your restaurant. Like your restaurant’s space, location, what kinds of crowds you want to attract and etc.

How to Choose Restaurant & Cafe Furniture in Lucknow?

1. Based on your Restaurant Theme:

All well-known restaurants have their own design theme, It’s important to choose your one The whole place must be match and in sync with all the elements inside.

2. Comfort is important:

When you are looking for furniture, go beyond the style, looks factor and take functionality and purpose into consideration as well.

3. Prefer Quality:

You should always think about the long-term, cheap furniture may help you save money initially, but if it lasts only for a short period of time.

4. Flexibility:

When you need to move things around, you can always take advantage of the fact that you can easily fold the chairs and tables for easy shifting.

Bar Chairs /Chairs for Restaurant Wholesale

Bar Stools/Restaurant Stools Wholesale

How to Choose the Right Restaurant and Bar Furniture Supplier & Dealer in Lucknow?

Choosing the right restaurant furniture is essential for creating a welcoming and comfortable environment for customers. When selecting restaurant furniture, there are several factors that need to be considered such as style, durability, and cost.

1. Style

Style is an important consideration when choosing restaurant furniture. The style of the furniture should match the overall theme of the restaurant. For example, if the restaurant has a traditional theme, then traditional-style furniture would be appropriate. If the restaurant has a modern theme, then modern-style furniture would be more appropriate.

2. Durability

Durability is another important factor to consider when choosing restaurant furniture. The furniture should be made from high-quality materials that can withstand heavy use. Chairs and tables should be sturdy and able to support the weight of customers. Booths and benches should be made from durable materials that can withstand the elements if they are used in outdoor seating areas.

3. Cost

Cost is also an important consideration when choosing restaurant furniture. The furniture should be affordable and fit within the budget of the restaurant. However, it is important to remember that quality should not be compromised for cost.

Commercial Cafe and Restaurant Furniture at Wholesale Price

We provide a wide variety of lounge furniture, hotel furniture, and restaurant furniture worldwide across 7 continents. It’s easy to find everything you need whether you’re looking for cafe furniture or restaurant chairs or desks – simply use the search bar at the top right of any page.

We don’t take shortcuts when it comes to the quality of our products, delivery of all orders, and customer service that is concerned to each customer until the order is satisfied. We pride ourselves in the ability to provide you with tabletops that are cut and finished to your likings, with classic and contemporary furniture matched to your decor. Our modular sofas and club chairs collections will make YOUR lobby and lounge area into a modern and efficient seating space. Best of all, as a furniture manufacturer, we provide wholesale prices and custom options on all of our furniture.

Made in India Restaurant & Cafe Furniture in Lucknow

Lucknow is a bustling city that is renowned for its rich culture and heritage. It is also a city that has a vibrant food scene with a variety of cuisines on offer. The restaurant industry in Lucknow is growing at a rapid pace and as a result, there is an increasing demand for high-quality restaurant furniture. In this article, we will explore the various aspects of Lucknow restaurant furniture.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is There Any Sale or Discount Available for Restaurant Furniture in Lucknow Online?

Ans: Yes, we offer good discounted prices for restaurant and cafeteria owners to make their business journey affordable. We also run sale on festive days. Get the best price at Suren Space that you can’t find anywhere else.

Q2. What is the Expected Delivery Time for Cafeteria Furniture in Lucknow?

Ans: Suren Space delivers restaurant and cafeteria furniture to your doorstep. We can delivers within 14-21 days from the date of order purchase.

Q3. Who is the Best Restaurant Furniture Manufacturers, Wholesaler and Supplier in Lucknow, Utter Pradesh, India?

Ans: Suren Space is the leading top restaurant, bar and café furniture manufacturers, suppliers, wholesaler, dealer and exporter in Lucknow, Utter Pradesh, India.

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