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‘Bar stool’ is an all-inclusive term that is used to refer to stools that come in certain heights, three different heights to be precise, which are- counter, bar, and spectator. These stools, in particular, are a kind of tall chair, and often have a footrest to support the feet. Bar stools have been a part of society since the 20th century and were initially designed to make room for more people to sit at a commercial bar for less expense. Today, they are not only used immensely in the hospitality space but are heavily employed in home decor and other aesthetic domains as well.

However, finding a supplier who can effectively cater to your bar stool requirements, is an extremely arduous process. This is where suppliers like Suren Space are true saviovrs. Offering state-of-the-art bar stools that come in world-class designs, and are built from the best of the materials. Suren Space is the manufacturer of furniture and other décor accessories, based in Jodhpur, Rajasthan. The products offered by Suren Space encompass all your furniture requirements whether it’s related to the seating area, pantry, bedroom, or any other space.

Why are Bar Stools in trend?

The goal of any restaurant, bar, pub, or brewery is to become a lively hotspot that is always bustling with energy. Only then can a place truly transform into a buzz-worthy spot that regularly gets heavily crowded. Bar stools help attain that goal effectively. They can be used in all of these spaces, and add the right amount of comfort and sophistication to the area. This makes the place more inviting and helps emit a friendlier and more inclusive vibe.

Bar stools are becoming more and more popular owing to the following reasons:

  • These stools are Versatile:

These stools can fit in almost every setting- indoor and outdoor.  The set-up requires a very minimal amount of effort. Thus, these could be easily arranged or adjusted, according to the venue’s requirement.

  • These stools have Strength:

A well-constructed bar stool obtained from the right exporter will never keep you worried about its upkeep. These stools always stand the test of time, and weather through almost anything. Suren Space’s Height adjustable iron industrial bar stool design is one of the best examples of the kind of strength that a high-quality bar stool displays.

  • These stools have the scope of Customization:

Compared to the bar stools, other heavy furniture not only takes up a lot of space but also makes re-customizing difficult. One of the major benefits of Suren Space’s wooden and iron bar stools is that- the designs being offered by the brand are extremely versatile. So much so, that a bar stool can easily be shifted to a different spot and would work just as well.

  • These stools will let you relax:

The casual and relaxed feel that bar stools provide cannot be matched by any other piece of furniture. These stools can be upholstered without any difficulty. With easy padding, the stools can provide extra comfort. From your early morning coffee to a cup of tea at the end of a tiring day, every experience can be made extra special with the use of bar stools.

Features of Bar Stools

The additional comfort, along with the enhanced aesthetics, is two of the best features being offered by bar stools. You can turn any area of a hotel, bar, pub, brewery, and even your home into an enthralling space with minimal effort by using these stools.

The variety available in terms of designs lets you choose the perfect piece to create different looks with the best functionality. Listed below are various forms of bar stools that you can easily spot on Suren Space:

SS1162 Suren Space Tractor Style Cast Iron Revolving Bar StoolTractor-style cast iron revolving bar stool is a perfect example of this kind of bar stool. It is a perfectly crafted iron stool, with a comfortable revolving seat perfect to be used in cafés and bistros. It’s easy to clean and the versatile design makes it an instant fit for all décor types.

SS2221 SUREN SPACE Bent Metal Leatherite Seat Comfortable Bar Stool

These stools are usually found in doctor’s offices and small health clinics. The memory foam and footrest help provide extra relief and comfort to the already worried patients. The Bent metal leatherette seat comfortable bar stool and other similar stools in this range are a perfect example of stationery tools. In India, Suren Space in Jodhpur, Rajasthan is your best bet when it comes to getting the perfectly crafted stationery or any other kind of stool in a spectrum of fascinating designs

SS2775 SUREN SPACE Blue Distress Metal Stackable Bar Stool

They offer a bold look with industrial flair and are a great choice when one wants to opt for a rustic-style table-seating option. If rustic stools are the ones you are looking for, do try out our selections like Blue distress metal stackable bar stools and Blue distress industrial style bar furniture, among others. Pub style tools, Bucket tools, and backless bar tools are also some of the other varieties being offered.

Not only are these stools available in a wide range of styles, but these bar stools are also quite versatile, durable, and long-lasting. These stools provide the utmost comfort because of their ability to easily fit in all kinds of spaces.

Applications of a Bar Stool

Bar stools were originally intended for seating, particularly around the bar or pub in public places. But, owing to the adaptive styling, these stools are now found in more places than one might think. These places range from domestic to commercial locations, where these multipurpose stools do an amazing job of adding more value to space.

Bar stools offer quality ergonomics and are much more than a standard seat. This is the reason why these stools are used in many different ways. These are used, not only in the hotel businesses but, also in a myriad of diverse spaces, some of which are listed below:

  • Bar stools in homes

At homes, bar stools are mostly found in the kitchens. They are usually grouped around the kitchen isle, along the breakfast bar or the worktop. They provide comfortable seating while one is enjoying food or indulging in cooking, or any other such activity. These stools infuse the surrounding with a fashionable aesthetic that is undeniably inviting. These stools can be easily paired with a home-built bar area and bar tables.

The scope of the bar stool is not only limited to the kitchen and dining space. These are perfect when used as home workspaces, or to create a small seating area near the window, or even be used to create a small craft space for kids. Providing premium functionality, designs like Bent metal classic reclaimed wooden top bar stool manufactured by Suren Space in Rajasthan, India are perfectly suitable for use in the study, craft room, and can even be placed under the potting shed. The best thing about these stools is that they have great utility for both indoor and outdoor purposes, adding warmth to your house like no other piece of furniture can.

  • In Hotels and Bars

The fact that the name bar stool originated due to use in the bars is a total no-brainer. These stools make the functioning of a hotel, bar, pub, or brewery much more efficient by saving a ton of space. These stools are particularly useful as they cater to single patrons who would otherwise take up a table all to themselves. Thus, these stools effectively avoid the unnecessary lineup in the waiting area of the restaurant.

Bar stools can be easily placed on elevated surfaces in a plethora of eateries, from coffee shops to cafes, to nightclubs and pubs. These spaces now opt widely for the bar stools often alongside, or sometimes in place of, chairs. These ultra-chic stools promote open communication, as they allow the patron to interact easily with the other patrons, as well as the bartenders. Bar stools are quite lucrative for the hospitality sector as these stools ensure longer stays and enhanced sales. Cool and contemporary designs like Cast iron leatherette heavy metal bar stool are often chosen to enhance the settings of these modern establishments.

  • Bar stools for medical purposes

You must have noticed that doctors, especially dentists and opticians use stools on a pretty regular basis. The mobility of the wheels allows health practitioners to move around their patients to effectively provide treatment.

The barstools are continually upgraded and with the addition of the adjustable height feature has particularly proven very advantageous, as it provides utmost comfort to doctors while working. These stools can be easily adjusted according to the height and the size of the patient to facilitate maximum seating comfort. Black finish solid metal adjustable wood bar stool is the perfect example of a marvelously multipurpose design that ensures optimum accessibility.

  • Bar stools in reception areas

Bar stools are also often spotted in the waiting rooms with a central reception desk. For instance, in the hotel lobbies where the main counters are quite high, bar stools are immensely helpful. They allow the hotel staff to sit in a manner that they are positioned at an eye-level with the guests. This allows better communication between the staff and the customers, or else the visitors would have to uncomfortably look down over the counter to interact with the staff.

Work in the hospitality sector can be quite exhausting for the workers. The barstools provide much-needed support to workers by offering features like encompassing backrest and padded seats. These stools make the workload bearable for the staff. These are built to provide support for a long period of usage, and these are available in the most stylish of designs.

  • Bar stools in beauty and hair salons

Bar stools are popular choices in beauty salons for their practicality as well as the trendy ambiance they create. These come in various designs to serve different purposes. For instance, a bar stool needed for a customer’s comfortable seating will be different from that required by a stylist or a technician.

Versatile stools with wheels are often used in this sector as such stools enable the customer and the technician to glide across the salon with ease. These stools come with a variable height adjustment feature, that further enables hassle-free working.

Why is a Bar Stool Height Important?

The height of these in-vogue and all-purpose bar stools is the most important factor in ensuring everyday comfort. If the stool is too low or too high then sitting on it will be very uncomfortable. Moreover, improper body posture will place one at risk of back pains.

The position of the feet would also be discomforting, puzzling the person seated, making them turn around in an attempt to search for the right position. This causes inconvenience and diverts the person’s attention from all the other good things a place has to offer.

A fascinating interior design can also be easily destroyed by improper stool design. This is because the disproportions are quite visible and appear as an evident fault in the aesthetic of the entire room. Stool height is mighty important for the restaurant sector. Faulty heightened stools shorten the time a person is likely to spend in a bar and thus, are a potential threat to the profitability of the establishment.

Quick tips to select the right Bar Stool

Listed below are some practical and aesthetic factors to consider while selecting a bar stool for any purpose:

It is very important to make sure that the seats are adequately padded for comfortable seating. They must be properly stitched and the material should be up to the mark. You may consider the iron cycle-based bar stool for added comfort.

The aesthetic has to be carefully matched with the overall theme of the place for a uniform look. You can opt for darker or lighter colour patterns for a contrast look. For instance, if you are looking for wooden bar stools, consider a wooden finish in the area concerned. Any lack of consideration here will have long-lasting undesirable impacts on the overall experience of a potential customer.

The importance of height when it comes to bar stools, cannot be stressed enough. Before you contact the supplier for the purchase, make sure that you’ve measured the desired height for the stool. You can find the appropriate height based on how well-suited it is to space where you intend to keep the bar stool.

Bar stools come in an array of shapes and styles. Thus, it is important to consider your comfort and needs before making a decision. You may end up running in circles otherwise. Suren Space offers a wide range of bar stool designs for you to choose from. Pick something that fits within the comfort of your home

While there is no dearth in the variety of bar stools available out there, a certain kind of peculiar design may still come in limited edition. Placing stools that are uncoordinated in designs will suck the beauty out of any beautiful space. Hence, it is advisable to take note of the approximate requirement and order accordingly


Regardless of where you need to use them, there is a Bar Stool for every style and function. By keeping the above-mentioned tips in mind, you can make the right selections for yourself. It will help you navigate through the “seating issues” in a budget-friendly way.

Suren Space is a leading manufacturer and supplier of all types of bar stools and counter chairs. You can browse through our extensive collections to find the right chair for your bar or club!


“Suren Space Furniture” aims at customer satisfaction. Buying furniture is a challenging task so is the selling of furniture. We have never received any complaints in the period of our service of manufacturing of bar chair. Customers who deal with us always prefer and stick to us as we provide furniture at very much reasonable cost.

We do welcome the suggestions and ideas by our customers for the manufacturing of types of furniture.

We are a creative manufacturing company in the field of furniture making. We always provide a surety for the product, quality, design, and the foremost important thing i.e. timely delivery of furniture. We always try our best to create and design the best furniture by keeping in the mind the need and also the requirements of the customer.



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